10 Tips on How to Stay Healthy While You Have a Sedentary Lifestyle

There are jobs that require you to spend eight or more hours each day in a sitting position. Such a lifestyle will send you to the wheelchair and grave sooner than you think. Do not allow a lot of work to overwhelm you to the point of losing your health. Hire professionals to work on your assignments and get you off the chair.

10 Tips on How to Stay Healthy While You Have a Sedentary Lifestyle

Whether you are seated working on your thesis or earning for a living, it defeats the purpose of compromising on your health. Such a lifestyle will also affect your productivity. Here are expert tips on how to overcome this sedentary lifestyle and remain healthy.

Recognise Your Sedentary Lifestyle

Accept that you spend too much time seated at the desk. That is the first step towards finding a solution. Assess your work schedule and the environment to have a clear picture of the lifestyle you are living. Such recognition and acceptance also help you find ways of adjusting and taking on a healthier path.

Take A Walk At Every Available Opportunity

Develop a love for walking at every available opportunity. Take the stairs whenever going up or down the floors. Other than making a call to your colleague across the room, walk to the desk. Alight a few blocks away from your office and walk to work. Such decisions will allow you to exercise and keep you away from the desk for long sitting hours. They enhance blood circulation and sharpen your mind whenever you resume work at your desk.

Stretch On Your Desk

Stretch your arms and other possible body parts without leaving the desk. The neck is most affected because it is bent most of the time. Spread your legs and even loosen your shoes when you get to the desk. Bend left and right occasionally, stand and even stretch the spinal cord a few times before resuming your seat. Such stretching enhances blood flow and will also help you focus on the work at hand.

Choose A Desk That Is Comfortable And Ergonomic

Long seating hours affect your back. An ergonomic chair will provide a much-needed solution to a sedentary lifestyle. Also, choose a desk that does not force you to stretch your arms unnecessarily or bend the back. There are recommended desk postures that pay attention to the positioning of your neck, back, hands, eyes, and legs, among other aspects. Adjust the desk and chair to attain this ergonomic position. It ensures that no part of your body is straining regardless of the duration of your working session. That will save you from aches as well as long term body-frame complications.

Drink A Lot Of Water

Water helps to keep your muscles supple and enhance other biological functions in the body. It will enhance blood circulation and keep body organs healthier. It also forces you to rise up regularly to seek relief. Carry a bottle of water, or you can use a glass at the dispenser. Beyond keeping you hydrated, it will guarantee good health.

A Standing Desk Will Help Where Possible

Can you use a standing desk or platform in the office? Take a few minutes on the desk with your laptop or notebook. That allows your legs to carry the weight of your body and therefore maintain desired muscle strength. Standing is also a befitting exercise for your back. Stand a few minutes to stretch and also acquire an alternative working position. That will also give you a chance to gaze through the window into the horizon and relief your eyes.

Take Regular Breaks

Schedule regular breaks away from the desk to give you room to stretch. Each person has a limited concentration span. Most people can work continuously for one and a half to two hours. In fact, it is recommended that you break for three to five minutes every hour. If the task does not allow, make it ten to fifteen minutes every two hours. Use the break to walk around, take a glass of water, talk to a colleague or such other activities that enable the body to stretch.

Turn Around Regularly

Get your eyes, hands and legs off work to see what is around you. While physical sitting is dangerous, the situation is worsened by a static mind. Turn around, stretch to pick something at the end of your desk and talk to people around you. That gets the mind, eyes, and general body off the desk, albeit mentally. It helps you relax and rejuvenate.

Develop An Exercise Routine And Habit

Exercise regularly to stretch your muscles and strengthen body organs. That has to be done away from the desk. Develop a routine where you exercise for three to four hours each week. That could include a session in the gym, walking around the park, jogging, and other activities that enhance exercises. These sessions help you compensate for the long hours you will spend seated at the desk.

Eat Well

A good, nutritious, and healthy diet will enhance your overall well-being. Eat foods that ease bowel movement. A lot of fruits and vegetables will be needed to keep you healthy. In case you feel any discomfort while seated, consult a doctor immediately.

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