10 Things the Plastic Surgeon Wants you to Know

What should you do now that you’ve scheduled a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon? Understanding that a first-time consultation might be nerve-wracking, we asked Dr. Leena Jain, a leading plastic surgeon from Mumbai, to share what they wish their patients knew before their first visit.

Dr. Leena Jain is a Plastic Reconstructive Microsurgeon and Hand Surgeon in Mumbai who is exceptionally passionate about her work. She recommends the best surgical option for her patients based on long-term outcomes and their job, allowing them to return to work and live a normal life.

10 Things the Plastic Surgeon Wants you to Know

Hand surgery, reconstructive microsurgery for tumor and trauma repair, diabetic ulcer reconstruction, burns reconstruction, lymphedema surgery, and aesthetic surgery are among Dr. Leena Jain’s specialties.

She feels a successful Plastic Surgeon must have three qualities: creative vision, rigorous procedures, and expert knowledge.

She realizes how important it is to be approachable and friendly. She listens to your worries, answers your questions, understands the outcomes you want to attain, and provides honest feedback on whether your goals are realistic.

Dr. Leena Jain is passionate about patient happiness and strives to “transform the ideal beautiful normal.” That is why her patients consider her to be the top plastic surgeon in Mumbai.

Maintain a financial focus

Plastic surgery is a significant financial investment that should be treated as such. Before scheduling an appointment with a surgeon, ask yourself these questions, according to Dr. Leena Jain: “Does this operation fit into my budget?” Is this something I can afford, or will it jeopardize anything else in my financial life if I get this procedure?”

Back-up Plan

All plastic surgeons believe that good post-operative care is essential for a successful outcome. The Mumbai-based plastic surgeon points out that having a support system at home for postoperative care is necessary and should be addressed before undergoing any procedure.

Give it some serious consideration

“Plastic surgery is not something to do on the spur of the moment and should be thoroughly considered,” says Dr. Leena Jain, who advises deliberating over any operation before committing. “Ask yourself questions such as: Do I truly want this? And how will having this treatment genuinely improve my life?”

Maintain your concentration

“Identify what is bothering you the most and consider ideas that primarily address that issue. It’s acceptable if you choose to handle other issues as well, but patients are most delighted when the issue that bothers them the most is addressed,” says Dr. Leena Jain.

Have Reasonable Expectations

Dr. Leena Jain advises us to go into a consultation with realistic expectations. “Many celebrities and influencers upload heavily manipulated photos, achieving outcomes that are hard to accomplish even with several surgeries.” Dr. Leena Jain advises that if you bring “inspiration images,” make sure they are unretouched and unadulterated.

Recognize that you may be told “No.”

Plastic surgeons who aren’t afraid to turn away a patient with unreasonable expectations or a good candidate are the best. “It’s difficult to hear ‘no,’ but I don’t overpromise and underdeliver,” Dr. Leena Jain explains. “Sometimes a patient isn’t a good candidate for certain procedures. It’s all about getting the finest results possible.”

Be Well Prepared

The surgeon advises, “Be prepared before you go in.” “Do your homework, make a list of questions, and bring a notepad to take notes,” the surgeon advises.

You should raise concerns not only about the treatment itself but also about the hospital where it will be performed, according to Dr. Leena Jain: “Is it a credentialed outpatient or inpatient facility?” Separately, make a list of your medical history and current drugs to bring to the surgeon’s attention.

According to Mumbai’s plastic surgeon, bringing images of yourself when you were younger can help the surgeon see how your facial features have changed over time.

Do some research about your surgeon.

It’s always a good idea to check your possible surgeon’s website and social media presence for information and before-and-after photographs. More importantly, please do your homework on your surgeon before scheduling a consultation to ensure that they have the necessary expertise and board qualifications.

Think about your health.

According to Dr. Leena Jain, your health is a significant consideration to consider before deciding on plastic surgery. “Is your health in good enough shape for this procedure? Do you suffer from long-term health issues? Do you consume a balanced diet? Do you go to the gym regularly? The physician warns that “these procedures can sometimes result in a substantial change in your appearance and mood.”

Your emotional health, likewise, is not something to be taken lightly. “Is your emotional health in good enough shape for this procedure? Do you have a huge life event coming up, such as a move, divorce, or the death of a loved one? The stress of plastic surgery might make recovery much more difficult,” adds the plastic surgeon.

Take it Slowly

According to the expert, one of the most common fallacies about plastic surgery consultations is that time is of the essence. “You are not required to commit on the day of your consultation,” she continues. “Take the time to get to know your doctor, and getting a second opinion never hurts.”